Activity Kits - How It Works:

Our kits are made up of combinations of activities from up to 3 categories.    

Learn more about categories and project options here and go to SHOP when ready to choose.  

the artist 

the baker

the detective

From guided painting projects to papier mâché, consider these kits your very own curated art class for any age. The best part? The inspiration, planning and procuring is done for you.  Includes all supplies and detailed instructions to create attractive pieces, having fun all the while.

Current Projects:

  • Tissue Art: Make beautiful rainbow and unicorn heart canvases

  • Styrofoam Animals:  Make adorable 3-D penguins and octopuses

  • Hand-Art on Canvas: Make a bright colourful tree or smiling crab

  • Papier Mâché­–Inspired Craft: Decorate a small dish with richly coloured tissue



Exciting but easy-to-complete baking projects using leading brand mixes and colourful decorations.  Contains all dry ingredients you need to create dazzling and delicious treats.

Current Projects:

  • Holiday Cookies – St. Patrick's Day

  • Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

  • Cake Balls

  • Cookie Pops


For the curious child, these are creative games with instructions and props, including instructions on how adapt to any age group.


Current Projects:

  • The Checklist – Outdoor COVID
    Winter Edition

  • The Gem Hunt: *Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3

  • The Scavenger Hunt - A: Creative quests to get kids thinking and moving around in pursuit of the next clue



 Kid Kits come in the following combos:                 

  • A - The baker and the detective – $30 incl taxes

  • B - The artist and the detective - $30 incl taxes

  • C - The baker, the artist and the detective $48 incl taxes

  • D - The double baker (two projects) and the detective - $48 incl taxes

  • E - The double artist (two projects) and the detective - $48 incl taxes

  • F - Supplement per additional child – $5 incl taxes

  • G - The baker for adults - $28 incl taxes

  • H - The double baker (two projects) for adults - $45 incl taxes

  • I - Add on 5 do-it-yourself blank cards & envelopes - $5 incl taxes


Each kit contains supplies for to children/creations. For an additional child, add $5. For bigger groups we can adapt specific activities to a selected theme.


** Free local delivery to: Westmount, NDG, Côte des Neiges, Montreal West, Hampstead and  Côte St-Luc.   For all other areas see delivery charge estimate before checkout.  

***Now shipping throughout Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick!

Kid Kits - by S. Brothers Inc.